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All the Elements

Introducing a group chapbook of poetry. The idea was hatched when the poetry feedback group decided it needed a project. The group worked and met every two weeks via Zoom for several months. The result: All the Elements – Seven Poets from Sooke.



dl clay

C.E.M Winstanley

David Reichheld

Jim Bottomley

Tatjana Darling

Mel Denys

Linda M. Green Abraham








Available from the poets or find it at the Gallery by Sooke Arts Council

Or buy now (sent by Canada Post) – Please note – we only send within Canada. If you are outside Canada please contact us.

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To provide support, connection, inspiration and encouragement to writers* at all levels of development in the Sooke region through membership services which include monthly meetings and community outreach in the form of student writing contests, workshops and readings.

*please note this group is for adults


We can now meet live! Our next live meeting dates:
Monday, June 6
Thursday, July 14
at 6:45 pm in the beautiful new Sooke Library.

We have a virtual spot for members to continue to connect, learn, share, give feedback and support at  Many meetings will still be held via Zoom.

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Visit with us at the Sooke Night Market:
June 2 and 23
July 7 and 21
August 18
Sept 1

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