Where We Reside

In celebration of National Poetry Month April, 2022:
A chapbook of poetry exploring time and place in WHERE WE RESIDE

Created/written by a group of eleven writers, Where We Reside is a chapbook of poetry.  The group has been gathering almost every other week on Zoom to inspire and support each other.  Last September, after some discussion, they came up with the concepts of “body of work” and “where we reside” to explore via their writing.

The result is a body of work by eleven Sooke poets: Where We Reside – Poems of Time & Place

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11 Sooke Poets speak of Time & Place in unique individual reflections, exploring physical, emotional and spiritual landscapes - those places WHERE WE RESIDE.


Where We Reside
Poems of Time And Place
ISBN: 978-1-7781568-0-9
48 pages
Copyright © 2022 by the contributors
$12 CAD

Poem Lines & Poets

Allie Picketts
I carry it inside me at the centre / like the juicy stone of a fruit.

C.E.M. Winstanley
Happiness, you once told me, / writes in white on white

David Reichheld
February cold stuccoes the path in a pebbled bubble wrap of frost

dl clay   
it is dangerous to speak out loud / better to hide with the stars

DK Eve
each shade a beacon of its decade / aqua, baby, ultramarine.

Jim Bottomley
Like the lapping waves bring in the tide / We’re wrapped in love, you by my side

Kathryn Guthrie
This body of work / that breathes and dreams / rises rugged from the shore

Linda M. Green Abraham
Memories recur like changing tides / Our lives are like that 

Lorraine Sinclair
Pen on blank paper / bending a line into words / emotional ink

Lynda Moore
I wear capris / garden pant pockets filled with bits of mud / sticks / seeds that somehow survived the wash

Tatjana Darling
Reality is the furniture / painted / around me.