2020 Membership

Linda Green Abraham
Richard Ashton
Lorrie Beauchamp
Jim Bottomley
Kathrine Brown
Bill Churchill
Danielle Clarke
Tara Clarkson
dl clay
Tatjana Darling

Nancy Davies
Mel Denys
Angela Dorsey
D.K. Eve
Paul Hammond
Joelene Heathcote
W.M. Herring
Alison Home
V. Knox
Deborah Lambert
Rene Low

Fame Mackney
Wendy Morton
Paulina Pallot
David Reichheld
Lorraine Sinclair
Montana Stanley
Sheila Thomas
Laura Vowles
C.E.M. Winstanley

Linda Green Abraham, BA (Spec), CRI   Born in MB, and having lived in the four western provinces, Linda believes she finally has found her "forever home" in Sooke. Her poetry and prose have been published in ON, AB, and BC, and she has received positive responses to her work in several competitions. Writing, art, and music have been her passions all her life, and she continues to be inspired by the people and scenery that make up her personal universe.

Jim Bottomley is a lyricist who enjoys collaborating with other musicians to co-write songs. In 2016, Jim moved to Sooke from Jasper, Alberta, where he played with a song-writing collective named Well Spaced Trees. Jim is a graduate of the Humber School of Writers and has completed a novel, Hypnotizing Lions, now being pitched. In future, Jim is excited to write songs with other creative music lovers from Sooke. Visit Jim at jimbottomley.com.

Bill Churchill was born in Vancouver British Columbia Canada and wrote stories and drew pictures of war scenes until old enough to join the army. He served the country in Canadian Army uniform with certificates for forty-four years and also served with NATO and United Nations Middle East. Bill took a writing course with The Regent Institute in London England and Fraser Valley College in Chilliwack Canada. All his characters are depicted from places in British Columbia, Alberta the Yukon and NWT and are productions of the authors life and imagination and used fictitiously.

dl clay (Deb Clay) is inspired by small moments of beauty and works with words, pattern, light, colour and texture to share those moments. She writes poetry and story, blends words into her art and thrives on experimentation, exploration and interaction with different media. These elements provide her with many languages to give voice and share a little more beauty.  You can find her at dlclay.com.

Tatjana Darling since establishing roots in Sooke, has used the beauty of the Sooke Basin for inspiration in her recent paintings.  When she is not painting, she is working on writing a series of fictional stories, which have been inspired by her world travels.

Nancy Davies always dreamed of living in Los Angeles, writing for the Mary Tyler Moore show and driving home through the Hollywood Hills blasting “Gimmie Shelter”. Instead, she lives on a hill in Sooke with a dog from a Los Angeles shelter and watches MTM reruns.

Mel Denys:  Rhythm and wryness. Syllables and silliness. Mel loves playing with words, turning the everyday into something a bit quippy and quirky. With wee drawings to boot.

Angela Dorsey is the author of three screenplays, thirty-four juvenile novels, one non-fiction children’s book, as well as short stories, articles, and poems, published in Room, On Spec, Pulp Literature, and more. She is working on a collection of new and previously published works, Upon Our Shores. You can learn more about Angela and her work at aydorsey.com

Read about why she writes here.

D. K. (Doni) Eve returned to her hometown of Sooke in 1992 after living in Victoria, Regina, Ottawa and Montreal. As a journalist, her writing focused on politics, environment, health, social policy and business. She was also editor of Perception magazine, Positively Sooke and the Sooke News Mirror. Recently, she has worked in social marketing for the Province of BC and volunteers to help local non-profit groups and writers with marketing, PR and promotion. She has provided workshops on marketing and promotion and created a website (www.Saseenos.com) to share tips and tools on social marketing for community groups and artists. Doni has a Bachelor of Journalism (Hon) from Carleton University and a Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-profit Marketing from the Sprott School of Business and Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing. She joined the Sooke Writers' Collective in 2014 to stretch into creative writing. She draws on Vancouver Island’s characters and settings in short fiction and looks forward to transitioning to writing novels. Her home in Saseenos is a haven for hummingbirds, deer, other critters and a couple of humans. Visit: Saseenos.com

W.M. Herring lives with her family and an abundance of wildlife at Gleann Eilg, a rural property on Vancouver Island, in the traditional territory of the T’Sou-ke Nation. Her work has appeared in ARC Poetry, Freefall, Geez, Literary Review Canada, The Nashwaak Review, Queen’s Quarterly, and several other journals and anthologies. Her first slim volume of poetry will be published in Fall 2021.

Veronica Knox (V. Knox) writes surreal mythological novels reconciling historical facts with imaginative fiction. She explores the creative inner worlds of autistic savants, master artists, and sentient paintings. She loves to deliver art history inside a ghost story. To this end she’s written the biographical series ‘Lisabetta’ about the ‘Mona Lisa’ *launch date of book one, July 2018.

A pair of shoes in a museum motivated her to write the story ‘The Unthinkable Shoes’ about the unknown child in the Titanic cemetery, and historical diaries inspired ‘Woo Woo – the posthumous marriage of Miss Emily Carr’.

She explores the discrepancies between reality and lucid dreams, fishes the depths of the subconscious, the afterlife, reincarnation, ‘the ghostly lover’, and the anomalies of parallel lives and dimensions. Her time-slip mysteries include the ‘Bede Trilogy’ for middle-grade readers from twelve to sixteen that connects the mythological histories of Great Britain and Ancient Egypt. Book one ‘Twinter – the first portal’ and book two ‘Time Falls Like Snow’. Book three ‘Tomorrow Again’ is a work in progress.

Knox is a professional graphic designer, developmental editor, and writing coach. A list and excerpts of her books, and samples of her cover designs and paintings may be viewed at www.veronicaknox.com

Rene Low moved from Saanichton to Sooke when he was ten and left when he was fifteen. It took another eighteen years for him to return and during that time he travelled extensively. His time spent in a famous Paris bookstore have been the topic of the stories in his last three Anthologies. He continues to explore with his eight year old son and wife.

Paulina Pallot also known as Arcade, has been with the Sooke Writer's Collective since they were a young teenager. They have been writing ever since, inspired by everything from 1980s movies to ancient Middle Eastern literature. When they're not concocting short stories, they can often be found working on campus radios, collecting music, or stargazing. They feel like the stories they've written here show the true nature of their unfortunate refusal to settle on any one particular sub-genre of writing. 千里の道も一歩から

David Reichheld writes stories of life and love that attempt to capture the beauty of Vancouver Island and its people. Probably an impossible task, there is joy in the challenge. A near-miss is a salutary achievement.

Raymond Carver once wrote in wonderfully tangled prose, “It ought to make us feel ashamed when we talk like we know what we're talking about when we talk about love.”

David will go on writing and maybe one day nail it. Certainly there’s no better backdrop for inspiration and example.

Carver would have felt right at home.

C.E.M. Winstanley grew up in the UK, and had careers in publishing, finance and teaching before immigrating to Canada.   After teaching full-time in Richmond, BC, she moved with her husband and young family to Vancouver Island and Sooke in 2001 and set up her own tutoring business in 2004.

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