All the Elements

In celebration of National Poetry Month April, 2021

Seven poets from Sooke breathing the salt of the Salish Sea,
persevering through a pandemic year of challenges creating poetry to reflect All the Elements.

Published by the "group of 7" poets, part of Sooke Writers' Collective

∼ Linda Green Abraham
∼ Jim Bottomley
∼ dl clay
∼ Tatjana Darling
~ Mel Denys
∼ David Reichheld
∼ C.E.M. Winstanley

All the Elements - Seven Poets from Sooke

ISBN: 978-0-9937296-8-3
40 pages
Copyright © 2021 by the contributors
$10 CAD

Elements Mix
a line from each poem

it is up to us to discern which is what
her brief homemaking wakes a curious force
but things got way out of hand
come, take wings
but open wide that door
the sea is lapping another shore elsewhere
what one of us wants
slogging through the sludge of wasted dreams and promises put on hold
cremate the messenger
it is not a hero’s return
light glows in shades of blue and green
“who am I?”
no song and dance routines
physics are of no concern
but I’m lost in the stars
thrown into the path
lend me your hand
kiss me like you’ll see me tomorrow
and we are both washed almost clean of our spots by the hard Vancouver Island rain
luna rises
the stone belongs in this rough place
to a place in between
a true story of my life
all whereabouts watched
I could not help but notice
our hearts find home in these places you said
I love it when we do this
no need to panic as systems crumble
a moment away from the pandemic
creation breathes in the blackness, catches in your throat.