Circle Route

In celebration of National Poetry Month April, 2024:
A chapbook of poetry Circle Route - explorations & journeys

National Poetry Month in April comes at a brilliant time of regeneration on Vancouver Island. The timeless cycle unfolds in Nature’s beautiful epic of life, in fresh-washed air filled with song. It’s also when the poets of Sooke Writers’ Collective publish their new work.

In this their latest poetry chapbook, inspired by the lovely Pacific Marine Circle Route, nine Sooke poets bring thought and reflection to life in poems as new as the spring. Find cadences of coastal forests and a symphony of waters, with a soul-filling poet’s appreciation of nature that surprises and delights. The scenery, and the insights, are rainbow clear, in warmly crafted poems that nestle close to your soul.

Circle Route is our poetic expression of thanks: for the land, for Nature and the seasons, and our living gift of verse. Come and explore. These poems will restore your spirit, and together our reading hours will live always in springtime.

In this fourth chapbook from members of the Sooke Writers’ Collective, nine local poets share reflections on revival and wonder—rejuvenated, motivated and inspired by the beauty of the west coast wilderness of Vancouver Island.

Circle Route
explorations & journeys
ISBN: 978-1-7781568-7-8
Copyright © 2024 by the contributors

~ Jim Bottomley ~ dl clay ~ Tatjana Darling
~ Kathryn Guthrie ~ Lynda Moore ∼ David Reichheld
~ Madelaine Roig ~ Lorraine Sinclair ~ C.E.M. Winstanley

44 pages
$14. CAD

Poets & Poem Lines

~ Jim Bottomley
So often we’re angry, angry with this world / Yet there can be joy inside a moan / in this universe / our home

~ dl clay
no more waiting / until tomorrow

~ Tatjana Darling
For retirement / I moved / to the wilderness / watching eagles / catch fish / in the ocean / while drinking / my morning coffee.

~ Kathryn Guthrie
Maybe I knew too well / the hunger for the haunting and the beautiful / Knowing and not knowing that it might mean / something / and / nothing / and only / ever / be itself

 ~ Lynda Moore
who was I before you convinced me that me and we are / definable.

∼ David Reichheld
Babe Ruth’s descendants swing and flail— / the folk of miss and legend—

~ Madelaine Roig
let the view from above / with its populace of stars / be our homecoming

~ Lorraine Sinclair
A labyrinth of experiences/ a new tree in the forest scape

~ C.E.M. Winstanley
my memory is often an endless circuit route / like a house deep in the woods / harder and harder to find in a cruel mental / maze of dead ends