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This past summer we could be found at the Sooke Night Market where we showcased our anthologies and books by our authors. The common refrain was “Do you like to read?” or “Are you a writer?”  We wanted to let people know who we were and what we do.

SWC at the Sooke Night Market

SWC is a community of writers.  We have published eight print anthologies of member writing plus hosted, featured and published a student writing contest for the students of Edward Milne Community School. Our mission is “To provide support, connection, inspiration and encouragement to writers at all levels of development in the Sooke region.”

The pandemic slowed us down as we couldn’t meet in the Sooke library where we had our monthly meetings or the Sooke A&W where we often met to have feedback sessions – and a snack of course.😊 After some searching we decided on a combination of Zoom meetings and an online private forum where we could continue our discussions and explorations of writing, get feedback on our writing and support each other.

Our membership is growing and authors are developing and publishing!  We had our first Festival of Authors and Readers in August of this year and are planning more of these kinds of events plus anthology #9 and perhaps a chapbook or two.

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See  what SWC has to offer at the Sooke Christmas Craft Fair (hosted by Sooke Fall Fair) on November 27th.

Our anthologies can also be found at the Gallery by Sooke Arts Council.


We have a launched a virtual spot for members to continue to connect, learn, share, give feedback and support.  Meetings will be held via Zoom or within the forum network now at

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View our anthology collection (eight of them!) at the Gallery by Sooke Arts Council.

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Our Mission

To provide support, connection, inspiration and encouragement to writers* at all levels of development in the Sooke region through membership services which include monthly meetings and community outreach in the form of student writing contests, workshops and readings.

*please note this group is for adults

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