Beyond the Moment

In celebration of National Poetry Month April, 2023:
A chapbook of poetry Beyond the Moment - Writing from the edge of the Salish Sea

Over several months in 2022/23 our group met via zoom to explore, discuss and work on poetry. Words like wonder, mystery, cusp, revival, direction, pivot, moment and wander were combined in various ways to provoke thought and response.

Out of the discussions and experiments poetry grew, each poet exploring the concepts through the filter of their life experience. As you read and reread the poems you will see evocations of wonder, love, change, and time taking shape.

In this third chapbook from members of the Sooke Writers’ Collective, ten local poets share reflections on revival and wonder—rejuvenated, motivated and inspired by the beauty of the west coast wilderness of Vancouver Island.

Beyond the Moment
Writing from the edge of the Salish Sea
ISBN: 978-1-7781568-3-0
48 pages
Copyright © 2023 by the contributors
$14. CAD

Copies may be purchased at The Gallery by Sooke Arts Council at 2043 Church Road in Sooke (open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 4pm) or purchase via PayPal and have it mailed to you.

Poets & Poem Lines

Linda M. Green Abraham
Escape obstinate drudgery, habitual reason/Drift into the grasp of magical imaginings

Jim Bottomley
I walked the cold shallows, barefoot and blue / But I can’t stop thinking of you

dl clay
she is all poem / unmetered unrhymed

Tatjana Darling
I shut you out / as you stand by the door / waiting to get in

Kathryn Guthrie
I … / dislocated myself / and walked… / without blessing / Until now / Now I am home

Cassie Hepburn
In the city I am but a whisper of Myself / It is in the wooded deep and along the shore / where I become fully alive

Lynda Moore
capture / stop motion / versions of this love you wish / to record

David Reichheld
life’s fire pits shrunk to embers we can walk barefoot over

Lorraine Sinclair
Be present in your moments

C.E.M. Winstanley
my father’s voice – long dead – / is sudden in my ear / its timbre evocative of boyhood / feral and free