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Why write?

pennedSWC writers wrestle with the question.

First up, see what William C Morris has to say.

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More SWC writer musings to follow.

In Print!

SWC-anthologyScribblers – Sooke Writers’ Collective – Anthology One  is now in print!

Only $12

Proceeds of sales go to future EMCS student writing contests,  a 2015 anthology and future writing events in the community.

SWC would like to thank The Sooke Community Arts Council for their financial support and Shirley Skidmore for her contribution to the writing community via the Sooke Scribblers.

Can’t make it to the events? Watch for the book in local Sooke stores or purchase online here.


We have a launched a virtual spot for members to continue to connect, learn, share, give feedback and support.  Meetings will be held via Zoom or within the forum network now at

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View our anthology collection (eight of them!) at the Gallery by Sooke Arts Council.

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Our Mission

To provide support, connection, inspiration and encouragement to writers* at all levels of development in the Sooke region through membership services which include monthly meetings and community outreach in the form of student writing contests, workshops and readings.

*please note this group is for adults

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