SWC Anthology submission guidelines for members

Deadline for anthology #11, 2024: March 21st

All work should be edited and ready for publishing.

The guidelines for length are for maximum limits. Shorter works appreciated.
– long works: one fiction, non-fiction or excerpt piece not longer than 3000 words
– short works: collections of poetry up to 200 lines in total (not including titles) or flash/postcard stories, prose poems collectively to a maximum of 2000 words
If you are not sure please about your submission please ask us – write@sookewriters.com

-original artwork by the author that accompanies the written work may be accepted -submissions should be in black and white and sized around 300 dpi (4 by 6 in. or so)
– you must have a current membership to participate
– as a member you don’t have to participate in the anthology – no pressure but it would be good to have your writing included
bios should be submitted along with writing submission — reasonably short (around100 words) and in the third person. Also please note how you want your name to appear with your writing (pseudonyms acceptable)

Format for submissions:  12 pt Times New Roman or Arial font, word or rich text document
Prose: double spaced
Poetry: spaced how you want it to appear (don’t double space if you don’t want it to look that way). If you poem has a lot of special spacing please submit as a pdf to see if the poem can be fit onto a page in the way you intend.

Please note — as membership grows these guidelines may change

The editorial board reserves the right to reject and limit submissions for length and volume of work, work that requires editing or, in the case of non-fiction pieces, may present ideas that could be considered controversial. In cases such as this, the work will be sent back to the author with a request for correction or“reduction” for size and edit issues. In the rare case of “rejection” authors may be asked to submit a different written piece.

Please email your submission with bio before midnight, March 21st