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Why do you write?

In some ways this question is unanswerable and somewhat crazy. We write for different reasons and maybe we write for different reasons at different times of our lives.   Why do you write?  What comes to mind? Fame? Expression? Artistry?

Mel Denys answers: It’s because my heart quickens . . .
Click here for the poetic answer.

AY Dorsey answers:  I wanted to create beautiful stories – and no matter how often I look back and wring my hands at the terrible writing in my first book, I still love that story!
Click here for the full story “Why I Write”

William C Morris answers:    When I grow up, I wanna be like them! 
Click here for the full story “Wordsmithing”


  1. Hi Mr. Morris
    I found the ‘Wordsmith’ article excellent! Didactic while not pounding it in. Good on ya, and great for ‘writers’
    such as our group.

    It occurs to me that we should also,( for folks who don’t know where/if to start )…include some things
    to start with…just WRITING SOMETHING DOWN ON PAPER …whether a random thought on which to expand, a summary
    of the day’s happenings, a journal, their momentary experience, how something made them feel, a few words on their plan for the next day…but get them to pick up an instrument and scratch something.
    As in school, I don’t know any answers. I just know questions. However, with your expertise you could mull this about and come up with some answers for those of us who cannot find a motivational starting point.
    Yeah, I know this is confoundedly simple, but maybe for youngsters, or even adults who feel, “Hell! I can’t write anything!” HOW do we get them to put SOMETHING down???

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I keep a notebook beside my bed. I get many of my best ideas as I’m falling asleep. If I don’t write them down, they’re forgotten by morning. Some writers I know are never far from a notebook for that very reason.

    I encouraged my children to write by threatening to shoot their pets. They did – so I didn’t.

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